Exceptional leather decoration in Moscow - leather interior

We perform all stages of interior decoration in Moscow: design-project, manufacturing, delivery and fitting, full technical maintenance and restoration. You can see samples of our work in our gallery within the following sections: “exclusive leather furniture”, “designer’s genuine leather items”, “leather interior”, “leather wall panels and tile”. We have the lowest prices as we ourselves are manufacturers. We can answer questions on the phone or via special form in the section “Contacts”. An official warranty is provided for all leather ware and the related work.
Foto exclusive leather furniture
Exclusive leather furniture
(photo: leather-decorated walls ‘exclusiv leathe’)

Tired of the commonplace leather furniture? Want gorgeous, exceptional leather furniture nobody else has? You are right here! We combine different leather textures and approaches while designing the most sophisticated projects employing sewing, applique, braiding, punching, etc.

Foto Designer’s items made of genuine leather
Designer’s items made of genuine leather
(photo: leather-decorated head of the bed)

We make designer’s interior items of genuine leather according to your specification. What can be made of leather? Leather walls, leather ceilings, leather fireplaces, insets into cabinet furniture made of leather, leather heads of the bed, leather tablecloths for restaurants, stairways’ decor, leather serviettes.

Foto Interiors performed in genuine leather
Interiors performed in genuine leather

Room decoration may be performed completely in leather or using separate handmade leather insets. High-class and high-quality natural material, designer’s work, our own production, quality guarantee and individual approach provide an opportunity to realize our unique ideas, interior solutions and projects.

Foto leather wall, ceiling and floor panels and tile
Leather wall, ceiling and floor panels and tile

It is really practical, modern and stylish to make wall, ceiling and floor decor using genuine leather for interior decoration of restaurants and bars. By doing so, we make it possible to restore/change only the damaged detail of your interior. Wall panels and tile may be performed on the basis of our sketches or sketches made by the clients.

Decoration and design: exclusive leather interior in offices, apartments, restaurants and cafes

design exclusive leather interior in offices, apartments, restaurants cafesNowadays almost all advertising campaigns of production enterprises rely on the conception of “exclusive”, “VIP” and “elite” production. “Art Leather Interior” experts believe that such advertisers have no idea of genuine exclusiveness, elite and luxury - all they do is sheer advertising. If you wish a unique and a truly posh interior item, you are on the right website. Our company has been creating cosy, comfortable and gorgeous interiors since 2003, and has received several certificates and appreciations for designing new decoration materials of wide application.
Our production and services are unique. Of course, you may find similar offers in specialized catalogues and on the Internet, but there is one “but”. It’s our company that is the manufacturer, and the other companies are either our dealers or mediators. Therefore it’s convenient to work with us, with no extra costs paid to mediators or subpurchasers. What is more, it’s not only sale of our genuine leather items that we offer, it’s also design of our unique leather-decorated interior in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Since we started our activity, “Art Leather Interior” expert designers have developed and realized numerous interior projects using genuine embossed and painted leather. We made leather interiors in villas, apartments, elite cafes and restaurants, salons, billiards halls, office buildings and in the offices of managers of large companies and corporations.

Wall panels and tile made of genuine painted embossed and smooth leather

Wall panels and tile made of genuine painted embossed and smooth leatherThe quality of leather tile and leather wall- and ceiling panels produced by “Art Leather Interior” has sustained the test of time. The tiles and panels made of genuine embossed and painted leather can be used for decoration of ceilings, floors, cabinet furniture, fireplaces, stairways, etc. beside wall decoration. You can decorate anything with the unique leather tiles and panels that we produce (it really is unique, because it is even exported to western European countries and countries of the CIS).
Even the most sophisticated customers are amazed by the variety of materials we offer: pricked leather, smooth leather, smooth leather tile stitched against foam, smooth antique-style leather panels, bulk embossed colorized panels, dark- and light-colored bulk embossed panels made of genuine leather with painting (patina, gold, silver) mono- or polycolorized, leather fine-print tile with embossment and painting and individual press-shapes (cliches). In a nutshell, we can fulfill your wishes and, more than that, we can make something you couldn’t even dream of! The vivid proof of this is our work and the opinion of our customers who become regular once they work with us. As for the fitting of wall and ceiling panels made of genuine leather with embossment and painting, it is so simple that any expert on interior decoration can do it. More complicated fitting of leather wall panels and leather tile is only performed by “Art Leather Interior” experts.

Exclusive leather furniture, designer’s furniture made of genuine leather

Exclusive leather furnitureAny Internet user would say that if you search for “exclusive leather furniture”, “VIP leather furniture” or “designer’s leather furniture” links, you will hardly find what you want. The first ten links are likely to be those of doubtful manufacturers of typical furniture. If you happen to be reading this, you are exactly on the right website where you will find leather furniture offers you have been looking for!
We do not specialize in mass production of genuine leather furniture, we make designer’s leather furniture according to your desire and individual projects. “Art Leather Interior” does not make ordinary furniture, it makes pieces of art using innovative technologies, experience and with the consideration of modern tendencies. We also involve leading designers from Moscow and St. Petersburg. That is why our furniture made of genuine leather with painting will perfectly suit, accentuate and complement your interior. We perform our work ourselves (by stages): design-project, manufacturing, technical maintenance, delivery, fitting and even restoration. Now we can even decorate fireplaces with genuine leather using innovative construction technologies as well as innovative techniques and materials. If you do not believe us, welcome to the section of genuine leather projects. We also have a great number of samples of exclusive genuine leather sorts imitating animal skin (python, giraffe, crocodile, ostrich, etc.).

We provide accumulative discounts and special offers for designers and wholesale buyers!

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